About GIFA

The Guernsey Investment & Funds Association (GIFA) was established in 1989 as a trade association to represent the Island’sĀ  fundsĀ  industry and, following the merger with Guernsey Investment Management and Stockbrokers Association in January 2019, now represents the wider investment industry. Our membership spans the whole spectrum of the Island’s investment community, including fund managers, administrators, custodians, investment managers, stock brokers, non- executive directors as well as professional firms such as lawyers and accountants who are closely involved in the work of the investment business industry.

GIFA’s principal objective is to protect and enhance the collective interests of its members. This means working closely with the Island’s government and regulators to ensure that fund and investment businesses are able to develop and introduce new products and services to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of the international investor. It also means striving to maintain the Island’s reputation as a safe and well regulated offshore centre with a strong commitment to investor protection.

GIFA recognises that the provision of high quality, professional services and advice must be supported by a structured programme of training and professional development, which is relevant to the Island’s position as an international financial centre. In conjunction with the Island’s educational authorities and professional institutes GIFA supports and promotes a wide range of ongoing courses for individuals, many of which lead to the attainment of a professional qualification.

A vital element of GIFA’s work is the promotion of the Island and its investment industry to the international investment community. GIFA is a member of the Guernsey International Business Association (GIBA) and works closely with government and other private sector organisations to raise awareness of the attractions of the Island as a centre in which to locate international mutual fund and investment management operations. Further information in this regard may be obtained by contacting any Executive Committee member.

Whether you are an international investor looking for a home for your savings, or an established mutual fund or investment manager seeking a reputable offshore centre for your international activities, or an investor seeking investment expertise and advice we hope that the information and contacts available through the GIFA Website will help you find the answers to your questions.