Typical Roles

The table below sets out the typical participants in the set-up and operation of an investment fund and which periods they may be involved over its life cycle.


Life of an Investment Fund






Launch Day to Day Oversight Termination
Executive Directors x x x x
Trustee/Custodian x x x x
Manager (local) x x x x
Administrator x x x
Transfer Agency x x x
Compliance x x x x
Company Secretary x x x x
IT x x x
Lawyer (internal) x x x
Project Management x x







Promoter x x x
Manager (overseas) x x x
Investor x x x
Lawyer x x
Tax Adviser x
Regulator x x x
Non-Executive Directors x x x
Company Registrar x x
Investment Adviser x
Broker x
Auditor x x x
Banker x x x
Liquidator x
Court x

Within the fund industry there are career opportunities that are more directly involved (Internal) as well as those indirectly involved (External). In the case of External this means that only some of your time, but not all, will be involved with investment funds.

Focussing on the internal participants, there are a number of different roles and positions listed below. Other than for the role of Executive Director, each of the roles shown below would typically have up to 4 stages of position or development – Trainee (learning), Trained (2 to 3 years on the job), Senior (3 to 5 years in the job and taking qualifications), Manager (5+ years and has some qualifications or more years and very experienced). Some of the roles below may be supplied by a company specialising just in that discipline e.g. Compliance, Transfer Agency.

Executive Director (likely to be someone who is adequately qualified and experienced and is a specialist, or is experienced in a number of the functions in an investment fund’s operation)
Compliance Officer
Financial Reporting Manager
Accountant (Financial records and reporting)
Client Relationship Manager
Fund Administrator (Valuations)
Fund Administrator (Transfer Agency)
Company Secretary
IT Manager

In addition to the above there are other office roles that support some or all of the people more directly involved with an investment fund and these include:

Internal Audit
Personal Assistant/Secretary