One of the prime goals of GIFA is to maintain and expand the expertise of those working in the Fund industry in Guernsey. GIFA works closely with the schools, higher education and accredited providers of courses leading to professional qualifications to support and encourage anyone wishing to pursue a career in the Fund industry. In addition, GIFA supplements these efforts by ensuring industry participants as well as those involved indirectly such as politicians, lawyers and accountants are kept abreast with developments in the Fund industry through the GIFA Academy and the Directors’ Forum.


The GIFA Academy was established to provide a source of information and education to individuals working within the fund sector in Guernsey who may not have access to other events arranged by industry associations and private enterprises, which tend to be predominantly aimed at senior managers and directors. Regular events are organised by GIFA throughout the year. GIFA Academy events can be found here.

Directors’ Forum

There is an important and thriving community of directors and non-executive directors based in Guernsey engaged with the Fund industry. It is vitally important that the director community keep abreast with developments and the forum allows GIFA to get directors together to hear and have the opportunity to discuss topical items. we aim to hold approximately 3 events per year for directors. GIFA Director’s Forum events can be found here.