Back to the Future – Will Technology change our roles in the Fund Industry

Start Date
Thursday 31st May 2018
End Date
Thursday 31st May 2018
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The GIFA Academy is pleased to welcome Justin Bellinger who will be considering if machines can do our work.

Justin’s startling and informative presentation will explore, as we find ourselves at the dawn of the 4th industrial revolution, what do the prospects of machines taking over our functions in the workplace mean for society, prosperity and indeed us? What are the threats and opportunities that will present themselves to the workforce in Guernsey as we navigate our way through the most disruptive change in our workplace, and indeed our society, that has ever happened.

Justin is Chief Digital Officer for Sure Group. He is a specialist in identifying new technologies and methodologies and Justin’s expertise has been integral to the growth of Sure in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Justin’s ability to understand the potential benefits, challenges and security implications of new technologies is key to Sure’s development as the leading technology provider in the CI, IoM, South Atlantic and Diego Garcia.

If you would like an insight into the future of our industry then this Academy is not to be missed.