GIFA Academy Event – Private Equity 101: A Conversation with Guy Hands

Start Date
Thursday 29th April 2021
End Date
Thursday 29th April 2021
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Our final event in the Private Equity 101 Series will be held on 29 April 2021 at St Pierre Park Hotel commencing at 1pm. If you wish to attend please register here. Please note only beverages will be available at this event.

A Conversation with Guy Hands provides a fitting ending to the well-received Private Equity 101 series of events and will allow GIFA members the opportunity to hear from one of the most influential private equity professionals of the last two decades. The conversation will be led by Joanne Peacegood, vice Chair of GIFA.

Guy started his career with Goldman Sachs International where he went on to become Head of Eurobond, and then Head of Goldman Sachs’ Global Asset Structuring Group. He left Goldman Sachs in 1994 for Nomura International plc. where he established PFG before spinning out Terra Firma as an independent private equity firm in 2002.  Since then, he has overseen the investment of €17 billion of equity in 35 businesses with an aggregate value of €48 billion. In 2012, Guy was named the 20th most influential figure in Private Equity International’s ‘100 Most Influential of the Decade’. Guy sits on the board of each general partner of Terra Firma’s funds and is therefore responsible for signing off on all investments. He also provides creative insights into potential acquisitions, develops business strategies for the portfolio businesses with the investment and executive teams, and oversees exit strategies.

Guy has an MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Mansfield College, Oxford University. He is a Bancroft Fellow of Mansfield College and he supports the college’s Annual Hands Lecture. Since 1999, Guy and his wife Julia have contributed substantial funds to Mansfield culminating in the construction of a building that now houses the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights. Over the time of Guy and Julia’s involvement, Mansfield has increased the number of places it gives to children from state schools; today, it has the highest state sector intake in Oxford.