GIFA Director Forum Event – Prevention is better than cure

Start Date
Thursday 5th March 2020
End Date
Thursday 5th March 2020
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NEDs deal with sensitive data and with their executive colleagues ultimately remain responsible for the activities of a company but are not involved day for day. In each case it is therefore important the NED ensures that he/she takes all measures to protect his/her position, his/her reputation, his/her wealth by ensuring data handled is dealt with securely and protections provided by a company are fit for purpose.

The GIFA NED Committee has worked with two local providers, one to provide a service for cyber security and the other to provide independent advice to directors and boards on their indemnity cover.

This event will inform NEDs on how they can help themselves to improve their cyber protection and the cover and indemnity provided by a company. 

Cyber Security
Presented by ASL

Too often NEDs rely on IT systems that are based on home used standards.  The use of public cloud based products such as Office 365 and email systems such as Hotmail or Gmail poses a significant risk to data NEDs work with, their boards and ultimately you as a NED.

GIFA have worked closely with Alternative Solutions to facilitate the delivery of a corporate grade IT system for NEDs (The GIFA Private Cloud).  The system is based offshore in Guernsey, is patched in line with Cyber Essentials requirements, providing a robust and secure environment.

ASL will also touch on the latest robotic process automation software that allows many of the mundane and repetitive tasks to be kept on island, performed by a digital workforce.

Directors indemnity
Presented by Thorndon

As a NED you will take comfort that the company provides you with D&O insurance and usually an indemnity. However, you have probably never had to call on the indemnity and cover provided and long may that be the case. But, what would happen if you had to call on the cover provided only to discover that it may not deliver what you had expected.

GIFA have worked with Thorndon to facilitate the delivery of a Financial Protection and Advisory Service that provides boards and individual directors independent advice based in Guernsey (Thorndon is not a broker) on the indemnity and insurance offered by a company. Equally important is the provision of support when a claim is made.

This event, which will be of interest to NEDs, Directors and Company Secretaries, is being held on Thursday 5th March at Les Cotils commencing at 12:30 and expected to close at 13:30. A sandwich lunch will be provided. There is not cost to attending this event and you can register here.