GIFA NED Committee – NED Round Table Forum with GFSC

Start Date
Monday 18th June 2018
End Date
Monday 18th June 2018
Booking Link

The GIFA NED Committee  would like to  extend an invitation to all non Executive Directors  to  attend a  Roundtable  Forum with the GFSC.    Topics for  discussion are:

  • How we see current and future flows of business / Access to Europe and other markets  –    EB/     MLP
  • Feedback from Recent Roundtable with Administrators – EB/MLP
  • What keeps a NED awake at night? – Pre Survey Results – EB
  • Prospectus Rules & Registered Collective Investment Scheme Rules – MLP
  • Cyber Security – GB
  • Recap on the PIF – EB
  • Current/recent consultations and pipelines, including RoL, Green Funds, Code of Market Conduct – EB/MLP
  • Innovation SoundBox Sprint  – GB
  • Grill the regulator – Over to you for any other topics you wish to discuss or questions you’ve always wanted to ask!