Managing Your Money – Good habits to start now

Start Date
Thursday 29th July 2021
End Date
Thursday 29th July 2021
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The Education Committee is working on a number of initiatives for Members as well as the wider non-financial sector community, including schools, on improving understanding of financial matters.

As a result of this work, GIFA has come into contact with other associations and financial sector firms who are doing similar things. The Education Committee has invited Gower Financial Services (“Gower”)  to make its educational presentation to GIFA Members, especially to our younger Members who have chosen to make a career in the sector.

The presentation from Gower will be held at Les Cotils on Thursday 29th July commencing at 1230. Complimentary sandwiches and beverages will be provided. To attend the event, please register here.

The Gower Education Programme is aimed at school students from age 14, through to young adults in their 20’s and 30’s.   The programme aims to educate young people about the basic financial products and services they will use, focusing on; savings, borrowing, investing and pensions. It explores how to get the best out of these by creating good financial habits.

The presentation for the GIFA Academy will outline 5 good financial habits to start in your 20’s (or as soon as you can if you’re no longer in your 20’s!).  It will cover how to make a financial plan, set priorities and how to put in place a financial framework now, to have for life.

To liven things up, as part of the presentation Gower has a Kahoot based quiz with a small prize for the winner, so have your ‘phones at the ready!

Paul McCormick and Susie Brown from Gower will give the presentation and their bios are below.

Paul McCormick  is a Financial Adviser and coaches “Good Financial Habits” to students and young adults, having created the Gower Financial Education programme.  He has 13 years industry experience and specialises in Pensions, Savings & Investments and Life Insurance for Guernsey residents.

Susie Brown is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and an integral part of the Gower Financial Education programme.   With over 25 years’ experience, Susie advises on a range of corporate benefit packages for Guernsey clients and specialises in company pensions and health and protection schemes.