The LIBOR Demise – Are You Ready For It?

Start Date
Thursday 29th October 2020
End Date
Thursday 29th October 2020
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Overnight lending must stop referencing LIBOR by 31 December 2020 and term rates cease by 31 December 2021.  While most of the attention has been on bank lending, the rest of the finance sector has been left with little useful guidance from regulators and industry bodies. 

Dennis Stoller will be presenting and further details on Dennis can be found below.

This event will provide some help for funds and fund managers on what they should be considering and why.  After outlining the problem and its importance, a broad course of action for firms will be outlined.  These will then be applied to example firms for discussion purposes to help get the audience thinking about the practicalities and risks.

The event will conclude with some useful resources and pointers to help get any transition plans up to speed.  Accordingly this event will be of interest to fund administrators, directors and senior management.

The event will be held at Les Cotils on Thursday 29 October commencing at 12.30pm. 

Dennis Stoller is a veteran of the global finance industry having worked in insurance, banking, treasury, and funds management over multiple economic cycles going back to the Tech Wreck.  Currently working at a Guernsey private equity and fund of funds manager, Dennis was a previously systematic trader for many years and has also served in Executive and Non-Executive Director Roles on Licensees.  Prior to that he worked in a large Australian insurer in operations and corporate treasury functions before moving over to run a large index derivatives dark pool at the same firm.  Dennis started his career as an Accelerator Physicist prior to changing to finance.  Qualifications include: PhD in Physics, FICA, Member IoD, CISI and CFA UK Certificate in ESG Investing.