Guernsey Funds Forum – Q & A with Bridget Barker

By: GIFA , Tuesday, May 14, 2019

 Guernsey’s annual Funds Conference with We Are Guernsey is taking place in London this week.


Ahead of the event we spoke to Bridget Barker, Executive Director Corporate & Funds Zedra London who will be speaking on the Structuring Private Capital panel.


Q:    As we approach Guernsey’s Funds Forum, we are this year celebrating its 10th anniversary and Guernsey’s Funds sector’s 30th, what in your opinion has made Guernsey’s Funds sector so successful?

A:     Guernsey is a well-established stable jurisdiction (it’s been going for over 800 years!)  with good professionals and an excellent infrastructure.  The tax regime is obviously helpful, and managers trust the regulatory system.

Q:    Looking into the future what do you think Guernsey needs to do adapt to a competitive landscape?

A:     We have seen the emergence of Luxembourg and Dublin as very effective funds   jurisdictions catering for large funds. Dublin has obviously captured a lot of hedge    fund work and Luxembourg is strong in private equity, real estate and credit funds.  In my view, Guernsey should focus on providing more bespoke tailored structures which appeal to smaller managers, private family offices and other high net worth investors.  The establishment of Guernsey Private Funds, the Guernsey Green Funds and the focus at the forum on the private funds’ initiative are all examples of where Guernsey is adapting itself well and seeking to develop more business.

Q:    You will be speaking on structuring private capital – what will you be touching on?

A:     The use of fund structures by family offices and private clients – funds can provide a very flexible holding structure.  After all they are contractual vehicles so the constitutional documents can contain any provisions that the participants agree. This makes them attractive for smaller groups, families etc. and allows funds to be far more bespoke than is the case when institutional investors are calling the shots.

The Guernsey Funds Forum us taking place in London on Thursday 16 May 2019, you can register to attend here.

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