Guernsey Funds Forum – Q & A with Dr Andy Sloan and Jeremy Alun-Jones

By: GIFA , Wednesday, May 15, 2019

This week’s Guernsey Funds Forum will focus on two main topics, one of which being Green & Sustainable Finance.  We spoke to two of the panelists ahead of the event.  Dr Andy Sloan the Chair – Guernsey Green Finance and Jeremy Alun-Jones from ADM Capital.

ADM Capital’s food-focused Cibus Fund successfully closed at more than $320 million following its designation as the first Guernsey Green Fund (“GGF”).

We asked Jeremy why the product was so attractive.

The appeal of the GGF initiative is that it allows external endorsement of how we are trying to position the Cibus food fund that shows it is different to an impact fund.  Sustainability and Impact.

What place do you think Green Finance has in today’s funds’ landscape?

We think that neither Companies nor Investors can ignore Green Finance any longer.  Demand for Green products is coming from consumers, particularly the Millennial generation, who have ESG and Sustainability expectation and are making demands. As a result companies and funds who do not follow a sustainable path will suffer a ratings discount in future valuations.

What makes Guernsey so appealing to ADM Capital as a Fund domicile?

Guernsey makes sense to us as it is close to the Cibus Fund’s Investment Adviser in London, is easy to get to and deal with and has a high standard of Regulation.

Dr Andy Sloan is the Chair of Guernsey Green Finance we asked him how Guernsey’s Funds landscape has changed and why Green Finance is so important.

Over the last three decades Guernseys funds industry has matured, developed and blossomed into the substantive centre it is today providing sophisticated specialist services to global clients.

David Attenborough, Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thunberg I don’t think there’s a bigger issue right now than climate change.  Green finance – Guernsey Green Finance – is about financing climate change mitigation projects.  It’s our contribution to global good.

Our basic rationale as a specialist finance centre – our reason for being – is to help global capital flow.  Our track record on supporting climate finance is most impressive.  Come Thursday ahead of Sir Roger Gifford, Chair of UK Green Finance, delivering his keynote address, I shall be joined on a panel by managers and firms representing over £3bn of registered Guernsey Green Funds.

Its purpose is to demonstrate Guernsey’s specialism and expertise in this area.  Our mission in doing so is to convert others to the cause of green finance.

The Guernsey Funds Forum us taking place in London on Thursday 16 May 2019, you can register to attend here.

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